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“Julie Bonacio and her husband, Sonny, have been dear friends since I originally purchased a condo from them many years ago.

Since that time, I have had the pleasure of working with them on numerous projects, and I can attest that they have the highest professionalism, commitment to excellence and tremendous customer service.  In addition, Julie has served as my realtor on several properties, and she consistently provides exceptional guidance, thoroughness and follow-through.  The Bonacio’s are wonderful individuals and great community citizens.  I recommend them highly, both personally and professionally.”

– Bruce L.

“Exactly one year ago today, I contacted you for help with our home. We were in dire straits over the whole situation with the devastating effects of multiple serious issues with the original build of the house. In swooped the entire Bonacio organization to save not only the day, but our home that is now sound, safe, beautiful and will last for generations to come! We cannot say enough about the quality, professionalism and dedication from everyone we worked with on this. It was clear from the very beginning that the organization invests in their teams not just for their skills but also from a customer experience perspective. Each and every one were respectful, personable, highly experienced at their craft and listened to everything we said and acted on it regardless of how insignificant it may have seemed.

All the trades people were highly skilled and involved us all along the way. There were many but of special mention is Cal, Shawn, Charlie, Will, Cody, Larry, Seth and Matt. Calvin stands out as the on-site lead not only for his many talents but in how he works with the younger guys in mentoring – always finding opportunities to help them excel at their task if needed. James as the project manager did an excellent job with communicating all along the way. We had a couple speed bumps as every project does but he was right out there in front of it every time. We always felt we were the most important customer you had knowing there was so much going on in the bigger scheme of things. Amanda’s reports and support for the project was integral and she always responded to communications timely and with complete information. In all cases, James and the entire team went above and beyond our expectations to complete the job and resolve any issues.

We are grateful to the entire Bonacio team for all they did. Quality, integrity and commitment – we are your customers for life!”

– Paula & Anne

“We are winding up a Bonacio Construction remodel on our townhouse on Saratoga Lake. Just want to share a few things with you about our experience.  We live in Manhattan most of the time and decided to go with the company with the best reputation because we were confident that not only would your people do the best job, but would be responsible and timely despite our being there very little both during the planning process and actual work time. This all turned out to be a good choice!! We have a beautiful “new” 25 year old house. James Ackerman has been a great project manager. He is a pleasure to work with and has been good about keeping us well informed of the process and is always easy to reach. He clearly knows what he’s doing! Amanda has been amazing as well. They seem like a good team. She is a great communicator. Always responds quickly and with answers. And if she doesn’t have the answer in her head (but it seems she usually does) she gets the answer. She was very helpful in the selection phase and kept us very well-informed with Progress Reports, including lots of photos. I’ve been very impressed with her organizational skills as well as the many details she seems to have at her fingertips.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to renovate with minimal pain. We had talked about doing this for about 5 years. If we had known how relatively easy this could be we would probably have done it sooner. In any case, we did it!! You’ll no doubt be hearing from some of our neighbors.”

– Sally G.

“Now that we are nearly settled in our new addition we would like to take the time to say thank you for your time, services, and materials. Without the efforts of everyone involved this would not have been possible. Having the extra space has put a positive impact on our family. We can better care for our sons and they are able to get around the house with ease. Now that the nicer weather is upon us our boys have a place to sit outside and enjoy nature at its best! There really are not enough words to express our gratitude for each one of you who have worked so hard for us. Thank you all!”

– The Frolish Family

“Dave & Sonny,
My wife Michelle & I just closed on our Bonacio built home at 85 Monroe Street this morning.  We would like to offer you our feedback regarding our experience with Julie Gracz.  We would like you both to know how wonderful it was to have Julie as our contact person and how fortunate you are to have her as an employee and a face of your business.

We could not have asked for a more thorough, competent and knowledgeable person to deal with who was always there for us every step of the building process with patience, understanding & treating us like we were the only Bonacio customers having a home built. Julie always answered our questions quickly and always with the right information that we needed. Michelle & I feel very blessed that we got to work with Julie because she took the stress out of a sometimes stressful building process always keeping us on track and moving forward.

Outstanding customer service seems so hard to find in today’s environment but not with Julie. Great customer experience!  Thank you all at Bonacio for building us such a beautiful home!”

– Michelle & Jim B.

“Hey Sonny,  Just want to say thank you! Your guys were awesome in taking down and removing the gazebo so quickly. Amanda, James and the crew were great to work with. I should have contacted you sooner! Please pass along my thanks to everyone.  Happy New Year!”
– Todd G.    

“… I know you are very busy, and I really appreciate everything the team has done to keep things on schedule. I want to mention what a great job everyone (on-site and support) have been doing. Brad, Brent, Jim, Gabe, Jeremy and everyone else are polite, hard working and when I’m there reviewing selections or talking about changes, there’s never any belly aching or eye rolling…  When I’m not there and my designer is, they show her the same courtesy and respect they show me. Finally, I know how hard you and Julie have worked to build this business into what it is today and how important client service is to you both. It is clear that that is something your team takes seriously and you guys should be very proud of what you’ve built.”
– Jarod L. 

“I want to let you know what a great job your team did on my basement renovation.  Being in the customer service business, I know how important service is to success.  Your team was always on time and always left our home as clean as the day before. They say “you get what you pay for.” Well, its true and our project was well worth it.”

– Jeff V.

“On behalf of myself as well as my students enrolled in “Basic Principles of Construction” would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your classroom presentation on October 16th, 2015. Your ability to connect with each and every student during your presentation made for an engaging, informative and valuable experience for everyone.
We all hope we can make arrangements again in the future for you to visit our school and share your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in the field of construction.  Thank you and your team again!”
– Sincerely,  Justin Zampella and the “BPOC” crew

“Dear Sonny, A very special thank you for the beautiful landscaping job next to my house.  The building looks great too.  Paul L. has been just as wonderful.  Always called back and answered all questions.”

– Property Neighbor, Karen S.

“Sonny, I again wanted to thank you for a smooth building process and I am a very satisfied customer. I also want to say that the process was very good.   I know Mike and Paul have been with you a long time and you know how good they are. I have to tell you that Cory is fantastic. He never said he couldn’t get something done. A month ago when Paul said it would be one more week to completion, meaning next week, Cory said he could get it done and he did. He was at the house all weekend all day both days finishing siding himself to make sure. I think I know someone else with the initials SB that if he made that promise would have done the same thing. He is mature beyond his age and is a great representative of your company. He made sure the work site was a clean and professional space and I know that my house is a pebble in your water, but having been around for a long time in this business, I would trust him to handle anyone of your clients no matter what the project. Thank you and I will talk to you soon.”

– Bill M.

“Dear Sonny,
… We thought it important for you to know how much we enjoyed working with your staff during the construction of the three stall garage behind our home.  Everyone from Paul and the Job Superintendent to the guys doing the work were professional in every way.  We were very pleased as the project moved forward as they willingly made suggestions and made every effort to make the structure “fit” within the wooded job site without damaging the surrounding trees.  The work on the entryway willl be even more appreciated this Winter. The crew went above and beyond to do it right!
It is obvious from conversations with the men that they take great pride in their work and ownership in the projects they work on.  Please extend our thanks to all concerned.”
– Charles W. Wheeler Jr.

“Hello Sonny:  I have to tell you a quickie:  Yesterday a piece of cast iron that I use in my fudge stove broke, which prevented my large copper pots from sitting properly on the stove.  Seeing that I need it for cooking EVERYTHING, it was very important that I get it fixed ASAP.
I texted the Project Manager, and he immediately put me in touch with Joe over at the metal shop.  He had left for the day, but went back over to the shop where he welded the part beautifully and I was back in business within the hour. We talked while he welded, and I found him a really cool and talented gentleman.  Nice partnership you have there!
But my reason for writing this note, is to not only express my appreciation for what our PM and Joe did yesterday, but to express my appreciation for having some of the finest team of people I have ever seen in ANY organization.  From the top on down (well maybe not the very top:) just kidding bud!), you have developed a culture of service, responsibility, and passion rarely seen in business, while maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit  that permeates through everyone and everything you do.
You are a classy gentleman Sonny, and over the last year I feel that I have developed a friendship with you and many of your staff.  But friendships aside, I feel strongly that my success (and I am quite confident that I will be) will be due in large part to the efforts of you, Julie, and your entire organization.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! “

– Bill Hoffman, Kilwins Chocolates and Ice Cream 

“I just wanted to pass on a world of thanks to everyone at Bonacio Construction.  As you know, we had slated to install our equipment in our new store at the Springs during the last week of August.  Well, some problems arose during the install and walls had to be taken down and moved and many changes needed to be made.  During this stressful time, I expected to have hurdles thrown up at me and problems galore.  Instead, I had a great group of guys who continuously kept telling me that everything will be OK and don’t worry, we can do this and coming up with some very creative ways to fit in the machinery that we needed.  Not one of the subcontractors or Bonacio workers ever complained or put us off.  I am incredibly impressed by the professionalism and dedication of everyone involved in this project.  One of our guys helping us with the IT actually said how impressed he was with the electrician because where he is from, the project that only took 3 hours to finish, would probably have taken a week.

I really can’t thank everyone enough for taking this very stressful situation and turning it around in just a couple of days!  Please pass on my thanks!”

– Joyce Ure, General Manager Cudney’s

“Dear Sonny,
Cliff Stevens and Jeff… wow, these guys are so professional! Their attention to detail and their thoroughness was the best to come through these doors in 22 years! They came when they said they would, worked very efficiently and did an awesome job! If the rest of your crew is this good, you are a lucky man!! … Great guys and I hope you will thank them again for us!  “

– Marcia MacDonald

“I want to thank you so much for seeing to it that my house repair project was completed promptly in a thoroughly professional manner.  Your employees were all wonderful:  Paul was the first person I met; he was so reassuring and convinced me that my house was not about to collapse.  He evaluated the situation and set everything up.  James then took over the coordination and somehow was able to get together the various materials needed in a timely manner.  Jim T. then took charge and saw all through to completion.  Every one of your men worked diligently.  They were personable and a delight to have around.  James even brought me the offering brochure for the new Market Center Apartments;  that looks like a great project.  If I ever leave my current spot, that is where I plan to go.  The fact that one could live there and walk just about everywhere downtown is most appealing.  Again, thank you so much for helping me out in such a timely way.”

– Sue Jorgensen

“Dear Sonny:  We really don’t know where to start.  Maybe it was the first meeting, when we walked away feeling that you and your company would be the right people to get us through this process.  From that point on it was all uphill.  First you found us the perfect site.  Then we were placed in the capable hands of Larry Novik, who was the perfect person to connect us with all the right people to get us through the planning and zoning process with the Town of Wilton.  But Larry didn’t stop there.  He was with us every step of the way to make sure there were no snags that held up the progress of this project.  Larry’s help and suggestions were invaluable.  As we moved toward construction we were placed in the hand of Project Manager; Chris Buskey.  We can’t say enough good about Chris.  He was just amazing.  Chris helped us with many decisions, and we were always in awe of how fast the building was progressing.  But our biggest thank you to Chris is for getting Vermont Timber to competitively bid the entrances for the building.  They are definitely one of the exterior highlights of the building.  We became a little nervous when we discovered that Chris was being pulled to another job as we neared the final stages of construction.  Not to worry, Iain Morse was the right person to take us through that stage and help us with final touch decisions.  Iain also helped us with furniture and fixture inspections and was never too busy to tour the building with us when we unexpectedly showed up.  I think we can sum it up by saying that Bonacio Construction has redefined the “you’re in good hands” concept.  With our sincere thanks and appreciation.”

– Martin R. Glastetter and June MacClelland from AIM Services Inc.

“As fellow business owners and friends, we wanted to share our wonderful experience working with Bonacio Construction.  We knew you guys were the best going into our project, so we weren’t surprised at the level of professionalism in every aspect of our job, but what surprised us was how wonderful each and every one of your employees and sub-contractors were to our family and to our neighbors.  I can’t tell you how happy we are in our new beautiful home.  It truly is a little jewel.  Every one of your employees went out of their way to help in making small decisions that seemed insurmountable at the time, all the while never making us feel stupid or bothersome to them.  We truly enjoyed our experience working with the Bonacio Family, so from our family to yours, thank you.”

– Jasper & Beth Alexander, Hattie’s

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how impressed I am with your team.  From my initial dealings with Keith, to setting up the space with Tony, Rilla and Mike and now with Chad on the technology, your team is clearly at the top of the game.  The thing that has the greatest impact overall though is the way that each member – and Rilla in particular as my handholder in chief – has treated me as if I am the most important client in your business.  While everything around me tells me that I am but a small fish in the Bonacio Empire, Rilla and crew make me feel as if I am the ONLY one.  And that is both remarkable and incredibly valuable.  The short term impact is changing anxiety to joy, while the long tail will make me a supportive Ambassador of your brand.  Many thanks.”

– Steve Kantscheidt, Three Group

“On behalf of our store operations, and as a thank you for your services to both our Easton, NY project and our Lake Placid projects, I simply wanted to acknowledge how proud we are to be associated with such a fine company like yours that has proven that it will come through for us in a timely fashion.   Bob has been a pleasure to work with, and Bonacio’s professionalism sure speaks for itself.  Again, it’s our pleasure”

– Gregory J. Moran, President Aubuchon Realty Company, Inc.

“My wife and I would like to thank Mike Polcare and his crew for our recent renovations to our home.  It’s nice to know that a large company such as Bonacio Constrution, Inc. would take on and treat our small addition with the care it did.  Mike balancing the project while keeping our inconvenience to a minimum was truly impressive.  We were very concerned about ripping off part of our roof, due to all the rain we were having, and they did an outstanding job….not a drop.  He kept us informed with project progress every day, and the speed of completion of the project was as promised.  Everyone that was on site was very professional and respectful.  We would not hesitate to have Bonacio Construction, Inc. (Mike and crew) again.  We will certainly recommend your company to anyone who may inquire. Thank you for the successful outcome of our project.”

– Kevin & Linda Williams, Ballston Spa

“As we wind up the work on our addition,  I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you again how impressed I was with the Bonacio team on the job. Paul L., Paul Y., Iain and Mike really are amazing.  They were responsive, professional, funny, and talented. Really top notch-and the work on our house was great.

We are definitely loving our new space and so thankful to your team for making it a painless process. My guess is you often hear when something goes wrong, but I wanted to tell you about the things that went right. I would happily recommend your team to all.”

– Stephanie W. Ferradino, Esq., Saratoga Springs

“I invite you anytime to visit my home.  Give every detail the close inspection done by two of my lifelong pals, each a custom home high end builder in other states.  They praised what I enjoy daily  painstakingly seamless woodwork where grains are a perfect match…Custom tiles expertly selected and aligned razor sharp…custom light fixtures built from homemade visions in my head… I could go on for pages…but if you’ve got a dream-home to build. Let me say that NOTHING in my life compares with the Bonacio Team.”

– Kyle York, Saratoga Springs

“The jubilation Marilyn and I feel regarding your energy in taking our carriage house job and bringing it to fruition is immeasurable.  We have been extolling your virtues with everyone who we come in contact with!  Your initial work on our pool house was superb and even came in well under budget.  We were astonished to hear of the cost savings, as we were totally comfortable in paying your original quote.  It is rare to see such honesty”

 – John & Marilyn Breyo

“We have been involved with several new construction projects and have experienced some very difficult times, however our experience with Bonacio Construction was nothing but satisfying.  We quickly became aware that the materials used and the workmanship involved was of the highest quality.  Even after several years…we still admire the workmanship and love it when our guests remark about the quality of the work done.”

 – Carol & Rocky Heller, Saratoga Springs

“The Dammerman project is now drawing to a close and Carol and I wanted to let you know how great your team was to work with… all the obstacles and barriers, Tony was able to maintain a good sense of humor and at the same time get the project completed.  His ability to see the details, handle difficult situations professionally and command the respect of all of us made this project successful.  We hope this is only the beginning of a great professional association for all of us.  I think we make a terrific team”.

– Carol Groh & Linda Willis, Total Resource Associates Inc., New York, New York  

“You built us a beautiful home.  I still remember walking through the woods trying to figure out just where the house would be and what angle it would face.  We absolutely loved our home and prior to the sale I had the opportunity to take the kids to NY and see the home and property again.  I was a little melancholy, as we have so many fond memories.  Sonny, you stood by your product right through to the end and that, my friend, is truly impressive, especially in today’s day and age.  You and you’re associates like Paul, Billy and Larry always made me feel welcomed when I’d call, even when our requests may have been trying (like asking for the floors to be redone a few weeks before the closing!!).  If ever I am asked, and I still am on occasion, I always speak very highly of you personally and professionally.”

– Jay V. DeRusso