Private Residence – Saratoga Springs


This newly remodeled home in downtown Saratoga Springs has a modern flair that pays homage to its historic nature. This house was originally built in the mid-1800s. Later, it came to have a local distinction from a prominent doctor who ran his practice and raised his family in the home until the mid-1900s. After he relocated his business, the house became subdivided into multiple apartments. When the home was purchased in its “As Is” condition, it was in a condemned state. The structure needed major repair and configuration as well as all-new street connections for gas, water, and electricity. Bonacio Construction’s Remodeling Division saved as much of the original material in the house as they could which included some trim work, about 20% of the plaster molding, about 40% of the floors, and a few windows. Now, the home boasts a state-of-the-art kitchen, steam room with Aspen bucket shower, and back porch with a built-in fireplace that’s perfect for entertaining.

YEAR BUILT: mid 1800's / Renovated in 2019
Duration of Project: 10 months
Location: Saratoga Springs
Square Footage: 2790 SF
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