Step inside any structure built by Bonacio Construction, and it will say something to you: About quality. About workmanship. About functionality. About aesthetics. Whether you want to build a single-family home, renovate an older home, or build a commercial structure, call us.  

President Sonny Bonacio
Vice President   Julie Bonacio
Director of Residential Construction Dave Trojanski
Director of Business Development Larry Novik
Director of Operations Tony Bonacio
General Manager Kathy Cheeseman
General Counsel Keith Ferrara
Business Development Manager Kate Jarosh
Human Resources Brandee Armer
Senior Estimator Gianni Russo
Estimating Jim Volz
Marlena Starks
Metal Shop – Director of Operations Mark Hutchinson
Metal Shop – Production Manager Joe Joslyn
Audio Visual Chad Kress
Marketing Mandie Kozlowski
Senior Project Manager Chris Buskey
Project Managers Paul Lambert
  James Ackerman
  Tim DiCocco
  Hugh Kelleigh
  Stephanie Marotta
  Vince LaTerra
  Greg McCauley
Safety Team Mike Polcare
  Chris Buskey

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