Caffè Lena/Bonacio Construction Partnership is Downtown Success Story

The Spencer makes splash at Saratoga Showcase of Homes

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY—OCT. 24, 2017—In January 2016, historic Caffè Lena partnered with Bonacio Construction as part of an ambitious capital campaign to renovate the 57-year-old coffeehouse. As part of the deal, the Bonacio company was to also create a four story mixed-use facility in the Caffè’s former parking lot, with a shared common space and a longed for elevator to serve the Caffè as well as residential spaces in the new building.

Last month, as part of the three week Saratoga Showcase of Homes 2017, city residents and travelers alike were able to experience the full fruits of the partnership. Over 2,500 patrons visited the model unit in The Spencer, with many also visiting the Caffè. Both buildings impressed, with the nearly-completed Spencer winning six out of seven Showcase awards, and the Caffè signing up a plethora of first timers—most making use of the new elevator—for upcoming shows.

Additionally, all residential spaces in The Spencer (named for Caffè founder Lena Spencer) have been claimed and Bonacio Construction expects to fill its retail spaces within the month.

The teaming of Caffè Lena and Bonacio Construction is a true downtown success story, mingling the wonderful narrative of the former (which counts Hattie’s, Cole’s Woodwind Shop and Sweet Mimi’s Café & Bakery as tenants of 47 Phila Street) with the new upscale living and retail of The Spencer.

The collaboration points a smart way for Saratoga Springs to respect and revive tradition while keeping an eye on the future.